Sell in Person or Sell By Mail

Are you near a Buffalo Exchange?
If so, we suggest selling in person to your local Buffalo Exchange where you can receive cash or in-store trade on the spot! Our Sell By Mail process takes between 4 to 6 weeks from the bag request to payout. In store you’ll also be able to sell a larger quantity of clothing, plus shoes and accessories. Some stores even buy jewelry. Through Sell By Mail you’ll receive one prepaid shipping bag at a time, which can fit approximately 20 to 40 pieces of clothing. Visit our locations page to find a Buffalo Exchange near you. View Locations

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Sell By Mail

Earn cash or trade (in-store credit) for your closet clean out without leaving home.

How to Sell By Mail

In three simple steps, you can earn cash or trade (in-store credit) for your closet clean out.

Pack It

Once you receive your kit, fill the Sell By Mail bag with your former favorite clothing & accessories. Items we love: Men’s & Women’s name brand clothing, current styles, everyday basic, and designer items in great condition.

Send It

Drop off your filled Sell By Mail bag at any UPS store. The prepaid shipping label will tell them to send it to us right away!

Get Paid

Check your email for our confirmation where you’ll be able to choose between a check, PayPal payout, or in-store credit based on the items we purchase. In-store credit is redeemable at most Buffalo Exchange stores. $$$$$

request a bag

What about the items you can't buy?
You can elect to donate your remaining items to our $1 Charity Yard Sale or return your remaining items for $14.99. Please choose carefully during “Request a Bag” as this cannot be changed later. We do not offer tax receipts.
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